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Salvar sketchup em PDF 3D

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      Bom dia. Por acaso é possível salvar o desenho feito no sketchup no formato PDF 3D para que quem recebê-lo possa “passear” pela ilustração ?

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      Achei interessante sua pergunta e fui pesquisar.
      Encontrei este plugin: SimLab 3D PDF exporter for SketchUp

      E achei essa postagem interessante no Sketchucation:

      “If you got one of the latest versions Photoshop then you can export your SU model to Google Earth File (.kHz) and then import it to Photoshop and follow the instructions below.

      1. Right click on the 3D layer thumbnail
      2. Select Export 3D layer

      3. Name the file and select U3D from the Format dropdown menu

      4. Click the Save button
      5. The 3D Export Options dialogue box will open.

      6. Make sure that JPEG is selected from the Texture Format dropdown
      7. Use ECMA1 for the U3D Options

      The steps above exported the Photoshop layer to a U3D file. The U3D file can now be published to PDF.

      1. Open Adobe Acrobat X
      2. Select File>Created PDF>From File
      3. Browse to the U3D file you saved earlier
      4. An Insert 3D dialogue box will open. Select OK (You may want to check out the “Advanced” options by clicking on the Show Advanced Options check box. There are some neat options to play around with).
      5. Click on your 3D object to interact with it. Also notice the 3D tool bar that appears.

      Cool! Now anybody with Acrobat Reader can view your 3D content!”

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