ASGvis agora é Chaos Group USA !!!

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      ASGVIS ANNOUNCES SALE OF COMPANY TO CHAOS GROUP Chaos Group furthers plans for enhanced services and support to North American market Baltimore, Maryland, USA – Chaos Group of Sofia, Bulgaria – the world leader in the development of software solutions for the computer graphics industry – has acquired Baltimore-based software developer and visualization firm, ASGVIS, LLC. The acquisition will consolidate V-Ray for Rhino and V-Ray for SketchUp development within the Chaos Group brand, and confirms establishment of a new Chaos Group company in the United States that will enhance services and support to customers in North America. A working relationship with the two companies began in 2005 when ASGVIS adapted Chaos Group”s flagship rendering plug-in, V-Ray*, to work with the modeling software applications Rhinoceros* and SketchUp*. In addition to developing these two products, ASGVIS resold Chaos Group”s V-Ray for 3ds Max* and V-Ray for Maya*. Joining the two development teams under Chaos Group will ensure consistency among the V-Ray products. “We are extremely excited by this merger,” said Peter Mitev, CEO of the Chaos Group. “We have worked with ASGVIS to extend the V-Ray platform into areas of business that our other V-Ray products did not cover, and having them join the Chaos Group only serves to make the V-Ray brand even stronger. The USA has always been a key market for V-Ray, and having a dedicated office to service our customers will allow us to provide an even higher level of service and support.” ASGVIS will officially be renamed Chaos Group USA. Peter Mitev will provide overall guidance for the new company, but there are no planned changes to the structure or employees as of this announcement. Chaos Group will continue to operate ASGVIS “as is,” and will gradually phase-in changes to the process of ordering and support. Details on these general changes will be communicated by the Chaos Group in the coming months. “Chaos Group is a true pioneer in the CG industry, and this acquisition is a monumental step to unify the V-Ray brand,” echoed Corey Rubadue, founder of ASGVIS, and now the Director of Chaos Group USA. “It not only acknowledges the importance of V-Ray in the CAD market, but also firmly places the plug-ins for Rhino and SketchUp in the official V-Ray development pipeline.”

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      Isso mesmo mamíferos !!

      Finalmente a Chaos Group acordou e comprou a ASGvis.

      Só esperamos que o Vfsu melhore, e que a Google veja que o SU está sendo aceito como um ótimo modelador pela Chaos, e reformule o SU.

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      to até com medo do que vão inventar! ahuiahuiahauihuia

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      Vão inventar um Vfsu sem bugs dele mesmo. Só que bugs do SU vão continuar… :/

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      óóóóóó… vamos ver que que acontece agora..
      na expectativa de melhoras.. claro..
      vlw pela informação marlonn..

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      Mano, se fizerem o SUPER VfSU, vai ser muito massa kkkk

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      Marlon não sei se vc recebeu esta informação por e-mail, mas hj o Chaos Group me envio um e-mail informando isso. Tem tudo pra melhorar mais ainda o V-ray, vamos esperar…

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