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      Color mapping (also called tone mapping) can be used to apply color transformations on the final image colors. Sometimes an image can contain a higher range of colors that can be displayed on a computer screen. Color mapping has the task of re-mapping the image values to be suitable for display purposes.


      Type – this is the type of transformation used. These are the possible types:

      Linear multiply – this mode will simply multiply the final image colors based on their brightness are. Color components that are too bright (above 1.0 or 255) will be clipped. This can result in burnt out spots near bright light sources.

      Exponential – this mode will saturate the colors based on their brightness. This can be useful to prevent burn-outs in very bright areas (for example around light sources etc). This mode will not clip bright colors, but will instead saturate them.

      HSV exponential – this mode is very similar to the Exponential mode, but it will preserve the color hue and saturation, instead of washing out the color towards white.

      Intensity exponential – this mode is similar to the Exponential one, but it will preserve the ratio of the RGB color components and will only affect the intensity of the colors.

      Gamma correction – this mode applies a gamma curve to the colors. In this case, the Dark multiplier is a general multiplier for the colors before they are gamma-corrected. The Bright multiplier is the inverse of the gamma value (f.e. for gamma 2.2, the Bright multiplier must be 0.4545).

      Intensity gamma – this mode applies a gamma curve to the intensity of the colors, instead of each channel (r/g/b) independently.

      Reinhard – this mode is a blend between exponential-style color mapping and linear mapping. If the Burn value is 1.0, the result is linear color mapping and if the Burn value is 0.0, the result is exponential-style mapping.

      Dark multiplier – this is the multiplier for dark colors.

      Bright multiplier – this is the multiplier for bright colors.

      Gamma – this parameter allows the user to control the gamma correction for the output image regardless of the color mapping mode. Note that the value here is the inverse of the one used for the Gamma correction color mapping type. For example, to correct the image for a 2.2-gamma display, you should set the Gamma parameter simply to 2.2.

      Sub-pixel mapping – this option controls whether color mapping will be applied to the final image pixels, or to the individual sub-pixel samples. In older versions of VRay, this option was always assumed to be on, however its default value is now off as this produces more correct renderings, especially if you use the universal settings approach.

      Affect background – if this is off, color mapping will not affect colors belonging to the background.

      Clamp output – if this is on, colors will be clamped after color mapping. In some situations, this may be undesirable (for example, if you wish to antialias hdr parts of the image, too) – in that case, turn clamping off.

      Bla bla bla!!

      Agora minha dúvida é:

      Cade o burn value do Reinhard nas ultimas versoes do vray?

      Alguem sabe?

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      Dark Multiplier.

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